G Douglas Barrett
Two Transcriptions
May 25, 2013, 8pm (free)
at Incubator Arts Project
St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery
131 East 10th Street (at 2nd Avenue)
New York, NY 10003

Two Transcriptions celebrates the release of G Douglas Barrett’s record Two Transcriptions / Ode to Schoenberg, a historical revision of Arnold Schoenberg’s 1942 composition Ode to Napoleon performed by artist Zackary Drucker and musician Theo Baer. The evening will function as a record release party in addition to a discussion involving Douglas Barrett, activist Che Gossett, musician Theodore Baer, and musicologist Benjamin Piekut.

Two Transcriptions / Ode to Schoenberg is a vinyl record based on Schoenberg’s 1942 composition Ode to Napoleon for string quartet, piano, and voice. Schoenberg’s piece has an interesting history: the composer arguably over-asserted his authority in writing a letter protesting a recording of the work (originally scored for a male reciter) performed with a female voice. Challenging Schoenberg’s position with respect to musical authorship while considering identities beyond the gender binary central to the dispute, a pair of “transcriptions” of Ode to Napoleon feature the voices of performance artist Zackary Drucker and musician Theodore Baer, two transgender artists.

Two Transcriptions / Ode to Schoenberg was made possible, in part, by the Franklin Furnace Fund supported by Jerome Foundation; the Lambent Foundation Fund of Tides Foundation, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Additional support provided by The New Spectrum Foundation, Mutable Music, and individual contributions. Two Transcriptions / Ode to Schoenberg was performed by The FLUX Quartet, Stephen Gosling, Theo Baer, and Zackary Drucker.

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We are pleased to announce that another entry from issue 2012 has been uploaded to the site/soundcloud: “Plea for Proof (from Traces of Speech),” by Jaap Blonk, is now here, or can be streamed below. More to follow!

May 3rd
American Hardcore (as part of the Experimental Music Yearbook in SF)
ATA, San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles-based artists Casey Anderson and Scott Cazan present new and recent live-electronic work as part of a series of events celebrating the Experimental Music Yearbook’s weekend of San Francisco events. Anderson will present new work interfacing custom circuitry/hardware with improvisatory, digital structures to explore the acoustical properties of musical and non-musical objects. Cazan will present new work involving the use of custom software/hardware feedback networks where misunderstanding, chance, and chaotic elements in algorithms serve to generate new audio and visual information.

May 5th
EMY in San Francisco
Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA
$5 (members) / $7 (others)

The Experimental Music Yearbook is pleased to present a concert at the Center for New Music (55 Taylor St. San Francisco, CA) featuring works from across the musical spectrum. Now entering its 5th year, the Experimental Music Yearbook ( is a curated online repository of contemporary experimental music. Downloadable scores, along with audio from past performances, showcase the diversity of compositional techniques and performances practices that are in use today. This concert presentation will have a dual focus. The first half features work from 2012 guest editor Laura Steenberge and her colleagues at Stanford University. The second half will feature works from throughout the years of the Yearbook’s existence.

All of the pieces will be performed by the composers themselves and the EMY Players, a performance group dedicated to the realization of these works.

Laura Steenberge – Dante’s Inferno
John Granzow – TBD
Eoin Callery – TBD

Michael Winter – scene++
Manfred Werder — 20091
hans w. koch – e.t. (l.a.)

EVOL – tape installation

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 1.21.59 PM

All streaming audio from past Issues of EMY (2009 – 2011), as well as most of the audio from 2012 (with more to follow), has been updated throughout this site/on soundcloud. Here are the sets for every Issue to date (see the soundcloud page itself for individual pieces):

Issue 2012 (so far)

Issue 2011

Issue 2010

Issue 2009

Streaming/Downloadable audio from Issue 2012 has just been added for the following entries: Scott Cazan, Christian Kesten, Laura Steenberge, Christine Tavolacci/James Klopfleisch. Check it out on soundcloud or here.

March 22nd
II.3: Casey Anderson
Willow Place Auditorium (26 Willow Place, Brooklyn)

New and recent work by Casey Anderson presented as a circus. In other words, a simultaneous performance of numerous works which can be executed simply by speaking, operating radios, or using other everyday objects.

In the words of Travis Just: “So Doug will open a door, I will pluck a guitar and Jason is reading Stalin.”

March 21st
Soundscape 003
the salon, Providence, RI

New and recent work by Casey Anderson and others (TBA).

EMY now has a soundcloud page here. Over the next few weeks, all streaming audio will be transferred from the audio player on the site now to soundcloud widgets. As an added bonus, interested persons will be able to listen to “EMY radio” (coined by Scott) in the near future.

Dear friends of theorization at large:

You are most cordially invited to an intimate preview benefit on Saturday, March 23 at Glasshouse Projects (246 Union Ave, Brooklyn) featuring a lecture by Dr. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, an excerpt of G. Douglas Barrett‘s Hence Where Labor performed by Fahad Siadat and Robert Ashley‘s Public Opinion Descends Upon the Demonstrators, performed by Varispeed. As part of this extraordinary evening, we invite you to contribute your written reactions, impressions, and notes from the lecture and performance to be sold at our silent auction at the end of the evening, allowing the ideas and events of the evening to circulate past the walls of the gallery.

This night benefits the production of Theorems, Proofs, Rebuttals, and Propositions: A Conference of Theoretical Theater, a conference framed-as-performance that will culminate in September, 2013 in NYC. This experimental conference theorizes that performance is not just an artistic medium, it is also a vast and complex conceptual structure reaching into every atom of society. We will be raising funds to facilitate the development of performance projects by four “plenary” artist-theorists, Kikuko Tanaka (Japan/USA), Amapola Prada (Peru), Mike Taylor (NYC), and Reality Research Center (Finland).

For tickets click here.

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