April 12th
WEST COAST SOUNDINGS / the experimental music yearbook
Kolomba, Kolumbastraße 4 – D-50667, Cologne, Germany

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung von Bruno Jakob, für dessen Malerei John Cage ein wichtiger Bezugspunkt ist, spielen unter dem Titel WEST COAST SOUNDINGS fünf Musiker Stücke aus dem »experimental music yearbook«. Diese Onlinepublikation ist ein wahrer Fundus an Partituren von jungen Komponisten, die am California Institute of the Arts bei James Tenney und Michael Pisaro studiert haben und durch ihren experimentellen Umgang mit Musik in John Cages Fußstapfen getreten sind. Das musikalische Interesse dieser Komponisten reicht von der Erforschung von Stimmungssystemen (Lamb) zu komplexen mathematischen Graphiken und Spieltheorien (Winter), dem Gebrauch von Trockeneis, um Triangel zu spielen (Mooney) bis zu Radios als Klangquelle (Anderson). Eine CD mit den Titeln dieses Konzertes ist im Juni 2013 aufgenommen worden und wird im April 2014 bei wandelweiser erscheinen (€20,00).

Frank Gratkowski – Klarinette, Bassklarinette, Altsaxophon, Radio, Triangel
Lucia Mense – Blockflöten, Radio, Triangel
Anton Lukoszevieze – Violoncello, Stimme, Radio, Triangel
Seth Josel – E-Gitarre, Mandoline, Radio, Triangel
hans w. koch – Elektronik, Radio, Triangel

Tim Perkis’ “Drogue Risk (1401 Crack),” our third entry in issue 2014, has just been published. View it here.

The second entry for issue 2014, a re-reading/re-working of Cage’s “But what about the noise…” by d’incise, has just been published. View it here.

The Experimental Music Yearbook is proud to begin publishing issue 2014, leading off with a collaborative entry by Joe Panzner and Greg Stuart. Recorded live at ISSUE Project Room (New York) last May, one can stream/download the recording here.

Since issue 2012/2013, EMY has adopted a “rolling” publishing model. A new entry will be published approximately every three weeks, with supplemental documentation added following public presentations of each entry. Public presentations of issue 2014′s entries will take place in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, and New York, NY, and will likely occur during late Spring and continuing on throughout the summer. More information to follow regarding these shows/installations.

The first entry will be published next week.

For this concert, the editors selected highlights from the first three years to spotlight the different methods composers use to create their music. Differing in concept and execution, the compositions display the full range given to performers in realizing works in the experimental tradition.


Taku Sugimoto: 10
Christian Wolff: small preludes
Peter Ablinger: Amstee bei Regen
John P. Hastings: for Barnett Newman

Olivia Block: Shear
Hans W. Koch: e.t.(l.a.)
Casey Anderson: living room + accoutrements [database]

Performers to include: Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, G. Douglas Barrett, John P. Hastings, Travis Just, Jessie Marino, Qasim Naqvi, Andrew Smith, & Quentin Tolimieri.

With the addition of John Granzow’s entry regarding his work with Homemade Hi-hats and Daxophones, issue 2012/2013 is now up in its entirety. Check out John’s entry here.

The EMY editorial staff is now focusing on issue 2014 (edited by Casey Anderson, Olivia Block, Scott Cazan, and John P. Hastings). In the meantime, revisit the audio from issue 2012/2013 in its entirety below:

Another entry from issue 2012/2013 has been uploaded to the site/soundcloud: “She’s only singing,” by Eoin Callery, is now here, or can be streamed below. One more entry and issue 2012/2013 is up in its entirety!

We are pleased to announce that another entry from issue 2012/2013 has been posted to the site: “Continuum, expanded,” by EVOL, is now here.

The EMY editorial staff (Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, and John P. Hastings) is pleased to announce that the wonderful Olivia Block will be joining us as a guest editor for the next issue (issue 2014). While we work on curating next year’s issue, one can check out Olivia’s incredible work below: