Mirror: Version 2, Olivia Block
But what about the noise…(John Cage)(electronic version), D’Incise
Combine, Juxtapose, Delayed Overlap, Nomi Epstein
Berliner, Jason Kahn
Chord Sequence with Interruptions, Dominic Lash
MOOD RING, Matt Marble
Mourning Piece (second variation), Joseph Clayton Mills
Drogue Risk (1401 Crack), Tim Perkis
Live at Issue Project Room (May 5th, 2013), Joe Panzner / Greg Stuart
what you must do rather than must not do, James Saunders
WILD CITY & Snug / Ride, KCM Walker & Sara Peck

Edited/Curated by Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, John P. Hastings, and Olivia Block.

2014 live events
(Los Angeles event forthcoming)

June 20th
The Silent Barn, NY

issue 2014 of the Experimental Music Yearbook comes to NYC for a performance featuring contributor Carmina Escobar (Mexico City) as well as performances by Casey Anderson (Los Angeles), Scott Cazan (Los Angeles), & John P. Hastings (Brooklyn).

June 22nd
12 Russell St. Brooklyn, NY
$FREE (BYOB, Donations accepted)

4 works in an intimate setting from The Experimental Music Yearbook’s issue 2014. All works deal with aspects of closeness, quiet, and, yes, intimacy to convey their meanings and processes.

Matt Marble – Mood Ring (for 1 or more instruments)
Dominic Lash – Chord Sequence with Interruptions (for unamplified electric guitar)
KCM Walker & Sara Peck- Wild City & Snug / Ride (for reader & musician)
Joseph Clayton Mills – Mourning Piece (second variation) (for performer)

Location generously provided by Quentin Tolimieri and Jessica Gaynor.

June 25th
Anderson/Cazan/Hastings (EMY Editors), Troy Shafer, Katherine Young
Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL

This event, curated by Olivia Block, features new work by the editors of the Experimental Music Yearbook, John P. Hastings (Brooklyn)/Casey Anderson (Los Angeles)/Scott Cazan (Los Angeles), as well as performances by Troy Shafer (Chicago), and Katherine Young (Chicago).

Constellation, Chicago, IL
$10 is teaming up with L.A’s EMY, an experimental music curated collection, to perform a concert of its works. The concert will include pieces by James Saunders, Manfred Werder, Olivia Block, Albert Ortega, Jessie Marino, and Nomi Epstein. More information here.

The journal currently features streaming audio, as well as the option to download each recording, for free, as either an mp3 or wav. Each score/essay is viewable within the page, and may also be downloaded as a pdf.

publishing schedule
Since issue 2012/2013, EMY has adopted a “rolling” publishing model. A new entry will be published approximately every three weeks, with supplemental documentation added following public presentations of each entry.