Hence Where Labour, G. Douglas Barrett
Plea for Proof (from Traces of Speech), Jaap Blonk
She’s only singing, Eoin Callery
A Series of Moments in which Unexpected Events Occur Within a Finite Algorithm, Scott Cazan
Continuum, expanded, EVOL (Roc Jimé
nez de Cisneros, Stephen Sharp)
Tim Feeney/Vic Rawlings
Daxophones + Homemade Hi-hat, John Granzow
untitled (placing in space), Christian Kesten
Ripe for Embarrassment: For A New Musical Masochism, Matador Oven/Adam Overton
Dante’s Inferno, Laura Steenberge
Some informal thoughts on the performance practice of experimental music, Christine Tavolacci/326 Breaths, James Klopfleisch

Curated by Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, John P. Hastings, and Laura Steenberge.

2012/2013 Events took place in Los Angeles, CA, Stanford, CA, and New York, NY.

The journal currently features streaming audio, as well as the option to download each recording, for free, as either an mp3 or wav. Each score/essay is viewable within the page, and may also be downloaded as a pdf.