“Das Lied vom Wein” is part of a series of pieces I call “tutorial diversions.” Tutorial Diversions are composed listenings for you to perform at home. Each Tutorial is a specifically scored “way of hearing” – listening while moving, through specific media, with particular loudspeaker setups. Any recorded sound or piece of music can be “listened” with a particular Tutorial, but must first be “profiled” via a “profiling software” written to adjust a given sound to the structure of the given Tutorial. How exactly a “profiled” sound source is to be performed (listened) in a given Tutorial is described in detail in an accompanying manual (score).

In this Tutorial, you’re instructed to move back and forth at particular times between two listening positions with a particular loudspeaker setup. You’ll need to download the manual and profiling software, and you’ll need 2 moveable loudspeakers. “Das Lied vom Wein” cannot be performed with a laptop, boombox, or other stereo system with fixed loudspeakers.

A million thanks to Scott Cazan for programming!

for osx.
for windows.
the score.

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