NO VAMPIRE, Travis Just
The Collapsible Institution, James Klopfleisch
living room + accoutrements [database], Casey Anderson
Field Transfer, John Bischoff
Network Injection, Scott Cazan
Das Lied vom Wein (to Peter Ablinger), Bill Dietz
Negative Space, John P. Hastings
e.t. (l.a.), Hans W. Koch
Loud Luggage / Booming Baggage, GX Jupitter-Larsen
Commitment :: Ritual I :: BiiM, Jessie Marino
STATUE, Albert Ortega
spin/pull, Mark Trayle
Consonance and Dissonance, Tashi Wada with Paul Clipson
Eclipse/Scrub Study, C. Spencer Yeh

Curated by Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, and John P. Hastings.
October 15th-23rd, 2011, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY.

Concert 1, 10/15, 8pm (Presents Gallery, Brooklyn, NY): Jessie Marino/On Structure

Concert 2, 10/15, 8pm (the wulf., Los Angeles, CA): Hans W. Koch

Concert 3, 10/21, 8pm (BETALEVEL, Los Angeles, CA): John Bischoff, Scott Cazan, GX Jupitter Larsen, and Mark Trayle

Concert 4, 10/22, 8pm (the wulf., Los Angeles, CA): Casey Anderson, John P. Hastings, Albert Ortega, and C. Spencer Yeh

Concert 5, 10/29, 8pm (Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA): Tashi Wada with Paul Clipson (electric)

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