Ten framing considerations of the field, Michael Pisaro
Shear, Olivia Block
Humdrum, Clay Chaplin
Anemone Battle!, Laura Steenberge
Wattle and Daub, Julia Holter
Shapes of 3 and 5, Cat Lamb
Apple Splitting, Casey Anderson
Notes on a New Economics for a New Art…, Mike Winter
Scene++, Mike Winter
Subset Canon, Mike Winter
Windrows/Litany, Mark So/John Ashbery
Dactyla, Sara Roberts
Winter Strengthens, Chris Kallmyer
Lethologica, Vinny Golia
For Barnett Newman, John P. Hastings
A Book of Orchestras, Greg Davis

Curated by Casey Anderson, John P. Hastings, and Sara Roberts.

The journal currently features streaming audio, as well as the option to download each recording, for free, as either an mp3 or wav. Each score/essay is viewable within the page, and may also be downloaded as a pdf.