Collapsing Distinctions, David Rosenboom
RR48G, Lewis Keller
Small Preludes, Christian Wolff
Amtssee Bei Regen, Peter Ablinger
Red Vine, Sara Roberts
Oasis, Liam Mooney
10, 11, 12, Taku Sugimoto
20091, Manfred Werder
Tiling in my Music, Tom Johnson
Josef, Lieber Josef Mein, Quentin Tolimieri
Adventures with Julie, Anna Oxygen
The Rocketship in Langley Park, John P. Hastings

the inaugural issue of the Experimental Music Yearbook!

Curated by Michael Pisaro, John P. Hastings, and Casey Anderson, the 2009 issue of the Experimental Music Yearbook proved to be as varied, exciting, and unique as we had hoped it to be. The contents of this issue run the gamut from well known artists to emerging talent, and the sheer variety of musical avenues represented is too varied to mention in brief. We are thrilled to launch this database of sound activity, dedicated to raw experimentation in its many forms, and are sure that the contents herein prove that experimentation with sound/music is alive and thriving, if ever one felt otherwise.

All of the audio was taken from three concerts at the California Institute of the Arts, which also acted as our very generous sponsor, providing a venue for our performances. The artists included in this issue gave us truly incredible work, and we can only hope that we have done it justice in the concerts as well as the website.

A special thanks goes to the California Institute of the Arts, all of the artists included in this issue, the many musicians who donated their time to performing these works, and Michael Pisaro, our esteemed guest editor.

The journal currently features streaming audio, as well as the option to download each recording, for free, as either an mp3 or aif. Each score/essay is viewable within the page, and may also be downloaded as a pdf. Brief commentary, by Michael Pisaro, is included with each piece.