The Experimental Music Yearbook is a repository for composers, performers, and the public to glean the methods and styles of various artists working in the experimental music tradition. As the modes of experimentation in the arts change from year to year, the Experimental Music Yearbook’s annual issues will build into a comprehensive, and varied, database of experimentation in music/sound.

An annual festival will accompany the online portion of the Experimental Music Yearbook. These concerts will serve multiple purposes for the Yearbook: allowing the public to experience each selection as it was intended to be experienced, gathering media to supplement each issue’s contents, and most importantly, serving as the foundation for the curatorial scope of issue of the Yearbook. The editors believe that this type of art practice exists in the moment of its execution, so a public presentation of the journal’s contents is crucial.

We hope you take the time to investigate the documents and media found on this site.

Casey Anderson (2009 – present)
Olivia Block (2014)
Scott Cazan (2011 – present)
John P. Hastings (2009 – present)
Travis Just (2015)
Michael Pisaro (2009)
Sara Roberts (2010)
Laura Steenberge (2013)

For inquiries regarding the contents of the Experimental Music Yearbook, or anything else, please email editors{[AT]}experimentalmusicyearbook([DOT])com
Note: unsolicited submissions to the journal will generally be ignored.

Participating artists:

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